Adding Value to Your Talent

Experts in Business provides a wide range of services in key business areas.

Recruitment Services:  

We operate in a different way to most agencies.  Our approach is designed to meet the requirements of your business.  We do not hold a data base of thousands of candidates.  Instead, we take the key elements of the job description and search for suitable candidates.  Candidates who can meet the requirements of the role, add value to your business and fit culturally.  Using our extensive personal networks we can reach the best candidates for your business.

LinkedIn Sales Training:

Training for people that have used LinkedIn but want to use their network to leverage sales opportunities.  The businesses that will benefit most from the training are those that feel they can do more than just add contacts and connections.  It is not about getting hired (although getting better sales results and being more visible on LinkedIn place you and your services in demand).  It is all about gaining MORE CUSTOMERS and MORE SALES!!  Training is available as a half day or tailored options.

Sales & Marketing:

Most businesses are actively seeking greater sales.  Through our sales and marketing support, we can help you to target your activities.  We can support you in developing the strategy and providing the direction of travel in a single project.  Alternatively, we can provide ongoing support and assistance as retained experts in addition to your internal resources.  Our industry and functional expertise will add value to your talent and help you to achieve profitable sales growth.

Training & Development:

It is clear to see that training and development programmes have an important part to play in any business.  Training and development contributes to the improvement in performance and culture of a business.  In addition, it adds value to your employees.  Most of all, they feel recognised, respected and rewarded by the business.  PWC conducted a survey of businesses who undertake coaching programmes.  It was noteworthy that more than 10% of these businesses stated that ROI is significantly higher than 100%.

Interim Management:

Interim Management is a viable short term solution to support your business.  As a result of changes in your business, you may need the flexibility of filling a gap in management skills.  Or, you may need additional expertise or resources.  Or, you may need additional skills to provide support in a strategic way.  The use of interim management avoids adding to the ongoing payroll costs.  Consequently, the use of interim managers has enabled some businesses to develop with objectivity.

Management Consultancy:

Our team of consultants have faced the challenges that you are now facing.  We draw upon our array of management skills, expertise and experience.  Together, we encompass all business disciplines and a significant number of vertical markets.  This places us in a position of commercial advantage.  A commercial advantage which can be placed at your disposal.  We won’t just tell you something that you already know.  We will provide insights to your business.  We help you to determine the desired improvements in performance and ROI.