Training & Development

Training and development provides significant ROI. 

New employees can be paid 18% more than existing employees.

It is clear to see training and development programmes have an important part to play.

Training and development contributes to improvement in the performance and culture of a business.  In addition, it adds value to the employees.  Most of all, they feel recognised, respected and rewarded by the business.

Add employee value through training & development.

Providing a significant ROI:

PwC conducted a survey of businesses who undertake coaching programmes.  It is most noteworthy that more than 10% of these businesses stated that ROI is significantly higher than 100%.  Furthermore, 96% of the businesses surveyed said that they would repeat the use of coaching.  In conclusion, 86% were very satisfied with the coaching process.

Services provided:

  • Sales Training: improves the performance of your sales and business development team
  • Leadership: developing competencies, strategic decision making, increase performance
  • Process Integration: support in a new role to aid productivity and success in the position
  • Team Development: tailored programmes to deliver an improved level of cooperation
  • Personal Development: to identify and achieve new professional goals
  • Personal Assessment: identify the candidates that match the key competencies
  • On-Boarding: the integration of new senior managers
  • Gender Coaching: for female employees in management positions

At Experts in Business, our approach reflects that of our other services.  The key is the analysis of the business and its requirements.  Consequently, the development of an appropriate and suitable tailored programme is generated.  Therefore, the programme is designed to deliver the desired outputs in line with your business requirements.

Clients can purchase Profiling methodologies as part of a holistic approach.

Ultimately, the only true test is to give us a project.  Contact us today to start the conversation to make that investment in your team.

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“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”  – Steve Jobs