Interim Management

A viable short term solution to support business. 

If your business is undertaking change interim management provides you with a degree of flexibility.  As a result of changes in your business, you may need the flexibility of filling a gap in management skills.  Or, you may need additional expertise or need to provide support in a strategic way.

Therefore, there has been an increase in demand for Interims.

There are a significant number of businesses undertaking change and transformation programmes.  The use of interim placement avoids adding to the ongoing payroll costs.  Consequently, the use of these managers has enabled some businesses to restructure with objectivity.  This is due to them buying in skills and expertise to support the business (administration and infrastructure) through the programme of change.

Mapping your journey through transformation.

Businesses acquire Interim Managers to provide:

          • Cover for a fixed period whereby a permanent manager or senior executive cannot be found quickly enough for the business needs.
          • Temporary business solution on a project basis.
          • Additional skills and expertise not already present in the management team profile.
          • Business change and transformation support.

Most of all Our Clients benefit from the managers being able to start at short notice.  They are usually more qualified than the normal requirement for the role.  As they are evaluated on results, they know how to deliver and focus on achievement.  Their track record and performance count for them as they are only seen to be as good as their last placement. When they leave, your team will still benefit from the large amount of contacts, skill and experience.  They will not be restricted by subjective limitations.  This means that they are objective in approach whilst being sensitive to the business concerned.

Interim Management Services;

        • Executive & Non-Executive positions
        • Junior to Senior Management positions
        • Project based positions

Ultimately, the only true test is to give us a project.  Contact us today to start the conversation.

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